Why Genuine LARES Parts Are Better

Your Lares highspeeds are precision engineered and manufactured to tolerances as close as 20 millionths of an inch.   Knock-off repair parts just don’t deliver the same level of precision and often use low quality Chinese bearings.  Every genuine Lares component is designed to fit together perfectly to deliver the power and quality of cut you have come to expect from your Lares highspeed, while keeping your patients safe.

Peace Of Mind With Every Repair

Unlike many third party repair shops, Lares Research is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer and has also earned the CE (Certification Europe) mark for conformance to strict international quality system standards.  Quality system inspectors audit Lares facility and compliance to these standards every 6 months.   Lares also maintains product liability insurance of $1,000,000/claim.

What Makes LARES Factory Repair Superior?

First we check your handpiece serial number in our online database to accurately determine if it is still under warranty.  If a chargeable repair is needed, our professional and friendly staff will call you first with a quotation before proceeding.  Before installing new genuine factory parts, every handpiece is carefully cleaned and the o-rings replaced.   If design improvements have been made since your last repair, your handpiece is upgraded at no charge.  Finally, every repair is 100% tested (including sound level) to assure your product will perform to brand new factory specifications.

Factory Repair Is Fast, Easy And Inexpensive

Free USPS First Class inbound and outbound shipping with free pre-addressed repair pouches makes it easy and inexpensive to use Lares factory repairs.  Most handpiece repairs are performed and return shipped the same day received.  Lares also offers Premium and Saver parts and repair pricing so genuine Lares quality doesn’t have to cost any more than third party repair houses charge.

Request FREE Pre-Addressed Repair Pouches

Lares handpieces can be quickly and conveniently repaired by our experienced factory technicians or replacement parts can often be installed at chair side.

Click Here to Request Your FREE Pre-Addressed Repair Pouches

To order replacement parts, CLICK HERE to enter our online store,or call 1.888.333.8440, Ext. 1, to speak with your Lares Account Manager.


To send your Handpiece for factory repair, protectively package your product and ship to:

Lares Research
Attn.: Technical Services
295 Lockheed Avenue
Chico, CA 95973

For Handpiece repair outside the USA, please contact your local Lares distributor.