Outstanding Service By Experienced Professionals

Call Lares Research and you’ll notice the first DIFFERENCE right away. It begins when you speak with one of our professional account managers. Averaging over 15 years of experience selling and servicing Lares handpieces, their knowledge is unsurpassed. They are pros at determining exactly what handpiece connections, back ends, head sizes, swivel couplers, etc. you need to make your practice run efficiently — at the very best price combination Lares offers.

Exceptional Quality You Can Feel

A few short days later you’ll receive your Lares handpieces and that’s when you will notice the third DIFFERENCE. Lares highspeeds are manufactured in the U.S.A. to exacting standards with tolerances of as little as 20 millionths of an inch. You will feel the light weight, balance and quality of cut that our precision ensures. Your $400 Lares highspeed will perform better than many highspeeds costing hundreds more!

Factory Direct Value Means More For Your Handpiece Dollar

After you’ve placed your order with our knowledgeable sales staff, the second DIFFERENCE you’ll notice is the small size of your bill! By purchasing factory direct from Lares you will typically spend about $400 each for state of the art highspeed handpieces with push button bur changing, 360 degree swivel, fiber optics and ceramic bearings — made in the U.S.A — that will leave you with an extra $400 to $800 per handpiece left in your wallet compared to the other leading brands!

Fast, Affordable, Factory Repairs and Parts

When your Lares handpieces finally need repair, you will notice the fourth DIFFERENCE. For as little as $99, you’ll be able to restore your Lares highspeed to like-new performance with a genuine Lares factory replacement turbine. Or, for only $10 more (with free shipping BOTH WAYS) our friendly and knowledgeable technical services staff will install it for you at our factory and ship it back FAST. Compared to the leading brand’s genuine replacement turbines, you’ll save $100 to $300 per turbine cartridge.

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